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Supporting, educating and promoting professional IEC members in New Mexico

NNMIEC is one of 75 local chapters of the National Independent Electrical Contractors Association. For nearly five decades, the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. (IEC) as well as NNMIEC, at a local level for the past two decades, have overcome the challenges created by growth in the electrical industry.

We have built a reputation as the premier trade association for you, America’s Independent Electrical and Communications Contractor. You can rest easier knowing that NNMIEC works aggressively with the industry and government to establish and maintain an open environment for the merit shop contractor.

Independent Electrical Contractors are the Majority!! 85% of all electrical contractors nationwide take PRIDE in calling themselves “Independent”. Independent electrical contractors are responsible for over two-thirds of all electrical contracting work performed in the United States. This work includes; commercial, residential, industrial and institutional construction as well as service and maintenance.



Over 25 years ago a small group of electrical contractors who shared the merit shop philosophy came together to form the Albuquerque Chapter of the IEC. They hoped strength in numbers would help them preserve merit shop ideals, network on best business practices and train future electricians. Today, our electrical contractor members provide over one million hours of employment for New Mexicans across the state.  We are proud of the contributions we make to New Mexico.


NNMIEC members all share the merit shop philosophy of free enterprise, open competition, and economic opportunity for all. Our mission is to be professional contractors / professional people working together for mutual success.





5031 Indian School Road NE, Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Tel: 505.266.6458
Fax: 505.266.6557

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